Things To Consider Before Joining A Golf Club

golf club

One of the greatest things you can do if you appreciate the outdoors, golf, and socializing is to join a golf club.

However, the cost of a golf membership is not trivial. You probably want to make sure you’ve got the most out of your money.

When considering joining a golf club in Sydney, there are a few things you should consider before making a commitment.

  1. Type of membership

Considering the different types of memberships available at different golf clubs is a crucial first step. Public and private golf clubs are the two most common options.

Private golf clubs are not open to the general public, which is one way in which they are distinguished from public courses. Members of private clubs typically have to pay both an initial joining cost and an annual renewal fee.

Private golf clubs have the advantage over public courses since they often have fewer players on the course. You won’t have to fight for a tee time or wait in line to access the clubhouse because of this. Put an end to those agonizingly long 5-hour rounds!

Public golf clubs are the most common form of golf course. These golf courses sell annual memberships and allow both members and non-members to use the course and its amenities.

One advantage of joining a public club rather than a private one is the significant cost savings.

Of course, more people can afford to join a club like this because of the reduced prices.

  1. Payments

Another factor to consider before joining a golf club is the fees associated with doing so. Memberships in golfing organizations are notoriously costly. This is a natural consequence of the sky-high costs of maintaining a golf course.

Because of the magnitude of the commitment required to join a golf club, the fees associated with doing so should be carefully considered.

To what extent, for instance, do they insist on a single, large payment? Or, may you pay for a membership on a monthly basis?

Even more golf courses are seeing the benefits of a monthly membership model in today’s on-demand economy.

It’s a good idea to do some investigating to find out which golf courses offer a membership plan that works for your budget.

  1. Services offered

Check out the club’s facilities to ensure you’ll receive your money’s worth before committing to a membership.

Look at these two golf clubs as an illustration of this point.

Both Golf Club A and Golf Club B have yearly membership fees of $2,000.

The following are some of the services offered by Golf Club A:

  • Golf course with 18 holes
  • Par for the course
  • Possession of a key to the locker room
  • A discount at local eateries.

The following are some of the features offered by Golf Club B:

  • A 27-hole course
  • Use of the Locker Room
  • Deals at local eateries.

From what you can see above, only Golf Club A has a driving range, whereas Golf Club B does not. The difference between golf clubs A and B is that B’s course has 27 holes while A’s has only 18.

Which do you value more, the driving range of Club A or the extra nine holes at Club B?

For me, the lack of a driving range to warm up with a couple of buckets of balls before every round is a deal breaker. But the extra nine holes could be welcome variety for some players.