Emergency Numbers In Your Phone

Thanks to the marvels of technology, millions of people in the world use mobile phones to stay connected to their friends and family. It is also a handy tool to have in emergencies. However, the advent of the ‘contacts’ section in our phones have led to people losing the ability to remember phone numbers and now most people rely on their phone memory to tell them who is calling them, or which number they should dial. The down side of this is that in an emergency, you will not be able to contact the relevant authorities of you don’t have their number saved in your phone. Here are the emergency services that everyone should have in their phone:

A Breakdown

In case of a breakdown, the person you should call is a 24 hour tow truck service. Save a local number in your phone so that you can reach them and know that they will be on their way soon. If you make frequent trips out of your neighbourhood, then you should save the number of a national service that has vehicles everywhere so that no matter where you breakdown, you can call them and know that help is on the way.

An Accident

Just like towing, medical services are absolutely crucial to remember. Look for the number of an ambulance service or the nearest hospital and don’t just save it into your phone – memorize it too. In fact, write it on your refrigerator because this is one number that you will definitely need to know someday. It’s better to be prepared for any eventuality, so try and pin it to the top of your contact list in case you are the one suffering from an accident and someone else needs to make the call from your phone; they will need to get the number in a hurry. Visit this link http://www.satow.com.au/forklift-towing/ to find out more review regarding towing service.

Call the Cops

Most countries have a short ‘emergency responder’ number that links directly to law enforcement like the infamous 911 of the United States or the 000 of Australia. If you know it by heart, perhaps it will not be necessary to save it onto your phone but it might be a good idea to save it onto the home screen as a panic button so that children may use it too in an emergency. Also, have your children memorize the number and tell the very young ones that the number summons a superhero when you need help. Many different situations fall under this ‘emergency’: medical, criminal, personal crisis, regular reporting etc. So if you have this one, you kind of have it all.