Different Types Of Forklifts

Many people are not aware of what a forklift is, let alone the different varieties of forklifts available. Therefore given below is information that will help fill you up with knowledge on every aspect of a forklift. A forklift is also identified as a fork truck, it is an industrial truck, which has a tined device in front that is used to carry and transport materials from one warehouse to another.  There are many different types of fork trucks available and below we are going to discuss two of the commonly used forklifts;  

Industrial Counter Balance Fork Truck

This is one of the main fork trucks and includes dual forks, which makes it easier to lift heavy items. These fork trucks are most commonly used indoors as it works well on even and stable surfaces. Counter balance fork trucks are very straightforward; they are built in a way that makes sure that the weight of the vehicle is equal to the amount the forks carry. Therefore the heavier model you choose the heavier materials you will be able to carry. Counter balance fork trucks can be used to do functions such as loading, unloading, stacking and horizontal transport functions. Even though it is mentioned above that it is most commonly used indoors, a forklift service is not limited to it but can also be used outdoors as long as the surface is even and stable. 

Industrial Reach Fork Truck

This truck is best suited for warehousing services, this is because of the special features it includes, which is a pair of telescoping forks as well as a hydraulic setup that allows it to move up and down and makes it easier for the operator to maneuver it better, allowing them to pick and re-position the material being carried.  There are different kinds of reach trucks available, these include stand up reach truck, double-reach truck, and a straddle reach truck.   A stand up reach truck is the simplest truck available; it includes a basic function, which is where the fork is put directly under the material to lift it and then transfer it to a different location. A double-reach truck includes telescopic forks, which is specified in detail above. And lastly, a straddle reach truck includes the functions that use the forks to lift the materials but also allow it to grab the sides of the materials. Among these forklifts, there are other forklift for sale Melbourne that includes other different features and functions.  

I hope after reading the above article you are fully aware of what a forklift is and all the functions it has to offer.