Dealing With Criminal Law And Justice

The crime rate in a country can define the level of justice and obedience to the law that the citizens have towards their country’s law. A crime can be defined as an action that is an offense and is punishable by law. There are many levels and differences in classifying crimes and falls under different subsets of the law. Criminal law is also a subset of the law and deals with crimes committed and the relevant punishment and justice.

Once a crime has been witnessed, the accused party will have to face the legal prosecution trials and procedures until proven guilty or not guilty. In every case there would be a plaintiff who is the party that is accusing the defendant. The defendant has the right to hire a lawyer. This is one of the basic rights of every citizen in any country. The law applies to international and other federal crimes. The defendant can hire a lawyer who is willing to hear his case and represent him in courts.

Depending on the nature of the crime, the defendant can choose his lawyer. Criminal lawyers have become specialized in certain subsets of crime such as drugs. They are known as drug lawyers. In a drug case, there can be different scenarios such as drug trafficking charges, major narcotics cases and also if there is an issue of possession of drugs.

Also there are criminal lawyers in Penrith and other felony lawyers who have got specialized in their respective area of crime defense. Assaults and battery charges have many varying degrees of charges and can only be dealt with by providing proper evidence and witnesses.

An eyewitness can affect the decision of the jury greatly. This has been proved by many studies carried out by famous criminal psychologists and cognitive psychologists. A person is innately more receptive to believing a piece of information when they are told that there are eyewitnesses to the crime.

However, psychologist have concluded that people have a unique trend of thinking called reconstructive memory that lets them believe that they witnessed the whole crime by filling in the gaps by the perception of the person. For example, if the person saw the crime being committed by a black person, then the person will be set on identifying a black man in a line of suspects even without knowing if it is the correct person or not. Therefore in situations like this it is very important that the rights of the defendant are also considered and a lawyer should be provided or allowed to the defendant.