Automated Systems To Save Energy

Today, many modern structures (whether commercial or residential) are being built with systems that can be controlled centrally. The central control systems are based on computer networks that monitor and can control the different systems like heating and cooling. There are different kinds of applications that these systems help control.

Features of automated buildings

Buildings that are automated are usually large residential or commercial buildings. It makes sense as per the cost and complexity of the setup, to have automated or smart systems set up for large buildings. As such buildings will have a network of cooling, heating units, water appliances and security systems that are installed in different parts; it becomes convenient and cost effective as well as energy saving to have automated building systems. These are usually subjected to new home building inspections whereby inspectors will check how the buildings are being run, the efficiency of the systems in terms of water and energy usage and to ensure security and safety of the inhabitants. 

Control features of automated systems

The building management systems usually have a centralized control unit that can control the different systems. These are usually cooling and heating units or HVAC as well as ventilation units. Automated systems help to turn off lights at specified times or could have inbuilt sensors that turn them off when there is no one in the area. Such systems could also be used to control chillers or hot water systems as well as security systems. Some units even control, communication systems such as intercoms that might be inbuilt in different areas of a building. If you are considering purchase of smart building it is best to get pre purchase building inspections Perth done to understand how efficiently the old systems work, whether there are costly replacements to be done and so forth.In general, all automated building systems are configured in ways that they can be controlled from a single, centralized unit. It could be a comprehensive software that is installed in one’s computer from where one can monitor the workings of the different units, know if any unit is malfunctioning and so forth. By setting the cooling or heating units for acceptable temperature ranges such systems help to control the energy usage across a building. Security as well as fire alarm appliances and systems are also easy to monitor with such systems. These systems are also designed to raise alerts in case any unit malfunctions, there are irregularities noted or any breach in the security systems of a building at any point in time.

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